IVP Air Biodefense Indoor Air Protection System™

Proven to capture and destroy COVID-19 (99.99%) and Anthrax spores (99.89%)

Venue Mobile Unit

Mobile air purifier that kills COVID-19 and other viruses in schools and other larger venues

  • Unit Net weight(lbs): 153.5
  • Unit Box Weight(lbs): 222
  • Unit Dimensions: 70″ h x 49″ w x 31″ d

Room Mobile Unit

Mobile or wall mountable air purifier that kills COVID-19 and other viruses in residential or office spaces

  • Unit Net weight(lbs): 28
  • Unit Box Weight(lbs): 31
  • Unit Dimensions: 25″ h x 19″ w x 29″ d

Travel / Personal Unit

Air purifier that kills COVID-19 and other viruses. Perfect for travel or in person meetings

  • Unit Dimensions: 10″h x 8″w x 4″d

HVAC System Retrofit

Complete commercial and institutional HVAC scalable retrofits for air purification and that kills COVID-19

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Customer Information

IVP Distribution
and Hunton Group

At Hunton, our purpose is to positively affect the indoor environments in which people live, work, and play. In an attempt to do just that, we are proud to welcome the newest member of the Hunton Group: IVP Distribution.

IVP Distribution is dedicated to the sales of the Houston-born Biodefense Systems created by Integrated Viral Protection.

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